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Fatwa This: Sex In The City 2 June 19, 2010

Posted by myfoxmystere in Freedom Of Speech, Political Commentaries.

Recently, I came across James Hirshen’s “Left Coast Report” on Newsmax.com about the movie “Sex and the City 2.”  Apparently, the extreme Muslims are quite upset about this movie, so here is the report as written in Newsmax:

‘Sex and the City 2’ Accused of Disrespecting Islamic Culture

by James Hirshen

“Sex and the City 2” scored below box-office expectations following its opening last week. It came in second to yet another sequel, “Shrek Forever After.”

The film has been criticized for being impolite, insensitive, and disrespectful to the Middle Eastern culture.

The plot of “Sex and the City 2” takes place in Abu Dhabi, and the movie’s crude content caused the Islamic emirate to block production there. As a result, the sequel had to be shot in Morocco.

It was foreseeable that the wearing of revealing outfits by the four New York thrill seekers would produce the reaction it did in the Islamic nation.

However, a scene in which characters engage in public foreplay and another in which Samantha waves condoms and shouts out sex talk in a Middle East marketplace may explain why numerous critics have accused the film of “anti-Muslim” material.

There is also a defining scene where the girls are threatened by Arab males and subsequently saved by a group of Muslim women who proceed to strip off their burqas and reveal some skimpy clothing they were secretly hiding underneath.

The movie may be “blatantly anti-Muslim,” according to Stephen Farber of The Hollywood Reporter. But Farber also thinks it is “proudly feminist.”

One of the movie’s stars, Cynthia Nixon, apparently felt the need to defend the sequel.

She told the Hollywood Reporter, “Samantha is disrespectful, but Samantha is disrespectful in New York and she is disrespectful in the Middle East and she just really doesn’t care.”

(c) 2010 Newsmax.com

So FATWA this, jihadists!



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