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North Korea Attacking U.S. With Fake $100.00 Bills August 22, 2010

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North Korea attacking U.S. with fake $100 bills

If this is found to be true, we need to

counter this in a smart way:  some office

supply stores sell pens that test paper

currency by turning into a certain color

when they run a streak on the dollar

bills.  You may have seen some

merchants use this pen on money, to

check for counterfeit $20.00 bills, $50.00

bills, etc.  It’s bad news for us if the

NOKOs are using counterfeits against the

United States.  Remember to get a

counterfeit detector pen, if you want to be




1. bcash - November 1, 2010

Well, such kinda tester pen can not work out anymore on those so-called super fake dollar bills, printed by North Korea, ‘cuz they’re using high quality stock paper source for the fake notes.
To save your money, try our infrared mapping checker BC-D1300.
You can see how to use it on our wordpress blog.
And leave me your questions if you have.

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