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Tuscon Tragedy To Be Raided by Westboro Baptist Church January 11, 2011

Posted by myfoxmystere in moonbat hall of shame, Political Commentaries, Spanking Moonbats.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have all heard about the tragic shooting of  Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  I certainly wish her a full speedy recovery, and I feel for those who lost their loved ones in the mass murder spree.

However, the goats at Westboro Baptist Church have no sympathy for those who have been hurt and killed in the massacre.  In fact, the head ringmaster Pastor Fred Phelps, whom I will call Pastor Freddy Kruger from now on in my post, has set his sights on attacking the funeral of the 9 year old girl this Thursday at 1 PM mountain time (3 PM Eastern, 2 PM Central, 12:00 Noon Pacific Time).  He, along with the rest of his flock of goats, plan to stage a nasty protest at the Mass, saying that “God sent the shooter” to judge them.

This vile piece of work thinks he is doing God a favor by attempting to incite a riot.  What he doesn’t see coming is that the day his church gets itself into a bind, God will not answer his pleas for help.  Instead, he will be showered with mountainloads of trouble that he and his goat thugs have heaped onto the public.

Oh, here is a mug of “Pastor Freddy Kruger” if you’re wondering what this goat master looks like:


1. givemeabreak - July 13, 2011

isnt this another example of why abortion should be legal? his momma should have aborted him.

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