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When will Roe Vs Wade be overturned? January 23, 2011

Posted by myfoxmystere in Uncategorized.

At this time every year, the infamous decision reaches another sad anniversary:  the legalization to murder babies in the womb!  I have just one thing to ask:  When will Roe vs Wade be overturned?  The madness must stop NOW!



1. givemeabreak - July 13, 2011

i personally am glad for that abortion i had. imagine if that poor child had been born. just adding another to the sad world of unwanted children, left neglected and growing up with ADD, put on hard drugs by the psychiatrist at age 6, unable to make its own decisions that finally reaches adult hood unsure of why he is still alive, getting married to another unwanted child, living in an abusive household, and popping out more unwanted children. oh how the world spins on.

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