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The Political Dance Has Begun! June 3, 2011

Posted by myfoxmystere in Political Commentaries, Spanking Moonbats.
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Where has the year gone? Now that 2011 has reached its midpoint, one now faces the barrage of political ads coming down the pipeline. And now, a scandal has broken: did someone hack the twitter account of Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner? Someone has been sending lewd pictures to a college girl through Weiner’s account. Weiner claims that he didn’t send the pictures to this young lady; he claims that someone hacked his account. Yes, that’s what he said! He got quite testy when a reporter asked him about the Tweet sent to that young college coed. I wonder who the wienie is that sent out that Tweet…hmmm…the scandal continues!



1. myfoxmystere - June 7, 2011

And now he has pulled the Clinton-Lewinsky act…fess up under pressure before it blows over badly! The “Weiner-Dude” has roasted himself! He owes Andrew Breibart a huge apology!

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