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Disasters And Israel’s Borders June 4, 2011

Posted by myfoxmystere in America Bless God, moonbat hall of shame, Spanking Moonbats.

Has anyone noticed the rise of natural disasters when the Navy SEALS delivered Osama Bin Laden to 0bama?   It turns out that 0bama allegedly struck a deal with the Palestinians that if OBL got delivered to him, he would hand over Israel to them.  As he declared OBL dead to the nation, did you notice that the Mississippi River overflowed its banks?  Also when 0bama told Netanyahu to go back to the pre 1967 borders, Bibi told him he was not about to give up land to the Palestinians.  Did you notice that Joplin Missouri got destroyed by a rare tornado at the time?  There is more to come…


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