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Franklin Graham Reaches Out To Hispanics In Los Angeles California June 26, 2011

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William Franklin Graham III, son of the Reverend Dr. Billy Graham has reached out to the Hispanic Crusade in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  Festival de Esperanza con Franklin Graham, known as the Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham brought out a crowd which filled up approximately two thirds of the seats at the Home Depot Center in Carson California.  Graham preached a no holds barred message to the crowd, which brought thousands to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  His message was based on a passage about the biblical parable where Jesus spoke about the lost son who returns to his father.  Graham used some humor while preaching on the lost son.  He drew a laugh from those who spoke both English and Spanish when he said the son who wanted his father’s inheritance didn’t want to wait until his father CROAKED!  Graham’s Spanish translator could not find a suitable Spanish word to use when translating the word croaked.  Several thousand men and women responded to Graham’s alter call at the close of the Saturday Night message.

News about the Sunday night event will follow soon.


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