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What will Obama do next? August 6, 2011

Posted by myfoxmystere in moonbat hall of shame, Patriotism, Political Commentaries, Spanking Moonbats.




Some of you have read my past posts on my other blog site “mystere’s moonbat slayer club, and know that I don’t approve of 0bama’s liberal policies.  Now 0 is up to something which will take the nation by surprise.  He knows he will lose in 2012, so he is setting up the GOP to face a bloody war in the Middle East.  He will run again in 2016, and in 2020, he will look for a loophole in the term limits clause, and say it says consecutive terms, then run for a third term.  However, something will happen which will cause him to lose to the GOP candidate who will lead us back to healing on track.  We are in for a rough ride folks!



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