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Obama’s Presidency: Going Down The Toilet? April 21, 2012

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A few people on the opinion and entertainment site Sodahead have been asking others about their opinions of President Barack Obama. Pictures speak louder than words.



Notice his craving for burgers? Word’s out he has a secret ingredient he mixes with beef…not pink slime. This:



This too:

And this:image

Uh oh, remember when Phil ate an Obama burger?

Poor Phil! It made his head spin!

Now Chrissi Matthews hasn’t been feeling the thrills up his leg lately. image

Let me present a view of Chrissi’s private room:


So much for the Change You Can Believe In!
<img title="Obama frustrated.jpg.jpeg" class="alignnone"

alt=”image” src=”https://myfoxmystere.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/wpid-obama-frustrated-jpg.jpeg&#8221; />

Cleveland Foxers

HA HA!!  Olbie just got his carcass fired by Al Gore!  Apparently, Olbermann has been kicking Al Gore and his left wing extremist Current TV in the gonads.  Apparently, Al got his balls kicked 1 too many times, and finally Gored Keith in the stinky carcass.

Even the left wing extremist liberals had enough of Keith Olbermann!  OH MY!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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