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Libturds Scour Political Toilet Bowls For Dirt On Mitt Romney July 23, 2012

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What’s Mitt Romney Hiding?

Why won’t Mitt Romney release his tax returns? What’s he hiding?

To get answers, New Jersey lawyer Jack Scully called on famed psychic Wanda Ceranski. After hours of crystal balling, Madame Ceranski came up with the answer: Seamus Romney. The Governor had listed him as a dependent on his tax returns.

“What’s wrong with that,” asked Scully. “Deductions for dependents are perfectly legitimate.”

“Seamus isn’t a dependent. He’s a dog. He’s the Irish setter the Governor strapped to the top of his car when he took his family to Canada on vacation.”

“Maybe Seamus falls into a special category.”

Madame Ceranski shook her head. “Seamus is dead. He died a long time ago.”



What’s wrong with this Jack Scully Novel?  A:  It’s nothing more than a feeble liberal poop flinging at Mitt Romney for what he is doing.




1. RightyPunditry - August 1, 2012

Our Liberal (enemies) moon-bats throughout the country don’t have much to go after Romney on… thus, they have to make up problems, where none exist. The typical Republican Anal Exam when running for office.

2. myfoxmystere - August 16, 2012

They dumped in their Depends when 0bama kept suggesting that Mitt should choose Paul Ryan for his running mate. 0bama is now running scared as a chicken.

3. Windows 8 Enterprise Key - August 20, 2012

Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

4. myfoxmystere - August 31, 2012

Windows 8 Enterprise Key, there might be a part 2 coming, but one thing’s for sure: there will be similar posts coming up.

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