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GM’s Volt: Big Shock In The Pants September 18, 2012

Posted by myfoxmystere in Barack Obama Bloopers, Funny stuff, moonbat hall of shame, Political Commentaries.


Onoe of the guys I tweet with, @radiobottomline, has been tweeting about the Chevrolet Volt, saying that he has yet to see one on the road in Orange County California.  Hous and I are keeping our eyes on the road in Southern California, particularly Orange County, to see if  one of us will spot a Volt on the road.  To this day, I’ve only seen a silver one on the road once around Anaheim.  I sent a tweet to @radiobottomline, saying that GM made a huge marketing blunder by selling the Volt under the Chevrolet Name Plate.  If the management clowns had thought this through (including the head cheese Barack 0bama), they could have sold the car under another badge by adding a few more creature comforts, making it a hip luxury vehicle.  But of course, this is the new 0bamamobile, which just had to be sold as an over-priced Chevy.  GM spends nearly $90,000.00 to build it, then sells it for about $40,000.  HUH???  Had 0bama been smarter, he would have kept his nose out of  this, and let GM put some more creature comfort luxuries in it, then sell it under the Cadillac name, and make  a profit with this car.  Of course, Big 0 put his tires to the pavement, and burned his own rubbers with this.Image


1. sebassh - November 2, 2012

They can’t even give em away!

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