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Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama ‘What Was He Doing?’ October 13, 2012

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Poor Chrissi!  He’s feeling a sharpie up his “legs” as he watched his boyfriend 0 getting creamed by Mitt, and Joe getting tarred and feathered by Paul.  The Big Bird has pooped on Chrissi’s bloated ego.


And what will B0B0 do to prepare for the next stand off with Mitt?  Consult with his Big Bird?

Biden got his feathers plucked during the debate.  In fact, it was a second bad day for Chrissi as well.  Chrissi’s comb over looks quite awful as well.

It looked somewhat like the old file photo I posted here.

Yet 0bama has a delusion he keeps repeating to the public.

He may be getting gored at the ballot box on November 6th.


Mitt may not have been the first choice, but he is energized and ready to turn things around.


The bunny is energized!



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