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Boehner RINO December 7, 2012

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Johnny Bonehead is a RINO.


That’s right, this guy…

Mister Crybaby, is steering the Republican Party to communism. Thus comes the big question is this guy a communist plant within the Republican Party whose job is to destroy it from within. Much like Barak Obama might be to destroy our country. Is this guy funded in any way by George Soros? Or is he so God damned selfish that he doesn’t care a crap what happens to the Republican Party of The United States of America and its citizens? That is the main question. As of late, Mister dickhead has been replacing and shunning conservatives within the Republican Party. That’s right and not only that, but this political asshole of the lowest order is also agreeing to every Democratic demand which brings us back to the real question. Just who is this idiot working for? Is he a communist plant in the Republican Party installed…

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