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California’s New Dreams Or California’s Old Nightmares? July 31, 2014

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Remember this from 2010? What’s happened since then? OH WAIT! Blimpie screwed us over, Moonbeam soaked us dry by flushing water to protect the smelt fish, and Rick Perry offered businesses better deals in Texas. Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin ripped some stinky farts to drive businesses away, and managed to make things worse for us.

Cleveland Foxers

California will be facing a crossroad on November 2 2010:  Will it have fresh new leaders to guide it through the massive 15% unemployment rate (rounding to the nearest 5%), or will it be stuck with a bunch of failing old bags?  The nation has been watching, since California usually sets a pace that the nation ends up with, sometime later down the road.

California has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and with a Senate Seat and the Governor’s seat both up for grabs, it has seen a rush for power from both the left wing extremist liberals, and moderate conservatives.  Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer has helped drive farms to near bankruptcy by writing extremely strict environmental laws which prohibit farmers from watering their crops under even the most extreme drought conditions;  the bill calls for conserving a breed of fish, and forbids farms from tapping a modest…

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