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Moonbeam’s Family History December 24, 2015

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It started with this man:  Moonbeam’s papa, Pat Brown.


Pat met Bernice Layne and proposed to her. They got married, and on the third pregnancy, they spawned this…


Little did Pappy know what was to come in the future…image


Pappy made many connections in his heyday, and had wild liberal dreams as Governor.


Pappy Moonbeam’s dream got shattered when he lost to Ronald Reagan when running for a third term in office.


Pappy Moonbeam left a mess for Ronald Reagan to clean up.
Reagan got California stronger again until Moonbeam got elected to follow Pappy’s shadow.


Pappy Moonbeam tried to relive his days through Moonbeam, but often butted heads with him.


Moonbeam dated Linda Ronstadt during his first tenure as Governor, but called it quits after his first flop of a Presidential campaign. During the following decades, Moonbeam ran for President against Horndog Bubba who wagged his finger at him, crushing his Presidential asperations with it. Afterwards, Moonbeam played Cops and Robbers as Oakland Mayor, then Attorney General. In 2005, Moonbeam finally got married.

Notice something creepy about the picture? Take a good look!


Notice the eery resemblance between Anne and Moonbeam’s mama? OH MY!


I must say, marriage didn’t change Moonbeam much, except to keep him from seeking the Presidency in 2016 in order to wreck the nation further.


Moonbeam keeps flushing the future of California down the toilet.



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