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If Hillary Clinton Usurps The White House… September 17, 2016

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I originally had planned to post this a few months back, but postponed it due to the crazy situations at the time of these events.  With the Presidential race coming to a climax, these are the type of things you will see if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House:


This pastor Roger Jimenez has put a target on the back of everyone who regularly attends his church, and a target on all Christians as well.  Jimenez called those who died in the shooting a bunch of pedophiles, a charge that has not been proven.

On the other side, there is a female celebrity whom I will not mention who shot her mouth off, accusing GOP Governor Rick Scott of pandering to criminals and the NRA, saying that the GOP encourages violence and condones mass shootings.  This hate filled bimbo needs to have her brain scanned for the moonbat virus… okay, I’m being a smart alec.

The best thing we can do is say our prayers for healing in Orlando, with 3 major tragedies striking in less than a week.  The murder of The Voice contestant Christina Lemme, the queer nightclub shooting by a gay Muslim and the death of a baby boy being eaten by an alligator at Disneyworld strikes a chord of sadness in most of us who are in our right mind.

Update: Since Hildebeest got spanked in the election, her idiots have been desperately trying to hatch schemes to usurp the electoral college votes.



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