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Horsass Al Franken… December 7, 2017

Posted by myfoxmystere in Uncategorized.

This is Senator Stewey Smelly Horsass al-Franken, a sexual predator guilty of assaulting several women before and after carpetbagging his way into the Senate.


Horsass knows he’s been caught and can’t get out.  Stewey Smelly Horsass al Franken thinks grabbing women’s breasts is a laughing matter.



More women keep coming out to report how Horsass grabbed their buttocks.  Stewey Smelly Horsass al-Franken hasn’t publicly apologized to his alcoholic drunken wife Franni Bryson al-Horsass Franken.  Will he apologize to Franni or let her hit the bottle again?




1. Lisa Biancospino - December 8, 2017

So the only prerequisite required to be a democrat today is to be a horses ass

myfoxmystere - December 8, 2017

Or a monkey’s behind.

2. Terry - December 9, 2017

Drunken wife Franni Bryson al-Horsass Franken’s face strongly resembles an ass also. I can understand why he would leave the pasture now and then. Sheesh !

myfoxmystere - December 9, 2017

That was one of the better pictures I found of her on the web. I can only imagine the raging wrath Horsass faced from her when his dirty deeds went public and viral. That sweathog probably made the real Horshack Ron Palillo roll in his grave.

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