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Collapse of Globalism…what failed! January 9, 2018

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I can sum it all up for you in a 4 letter word. EVIL! The problem for globalists is they let evil people get involved in their over all plans. Let us start at the top.

GEORGE SOROS the most evil human next to Adolf Hitler in history got involved. Then there was the Clinton’s, you know the one’s, the trailer trash of the swamps. Greedy bastards so corrupt that they would sell a piece of crap down a toilet for a buck!

Then there were the PEDOS, they needed those 2 tear olds for their pants, evil bastards.

Money corrupts. Don’t forget those whose GOD is moolah, or mucho denero a lot of mucho denero. They just couldn’t help themselves because money to them is like toilet paper to wipe your brown ass with, and speaking of toilet paper, let’s not forget Barry and Michael. Never enough, money, power…

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1. This One - January 15, 2018

This may be the most retarded thing you’ve ever posted, mystere, and that’s saying something. You’re so fucking retarded that you make Down Syndrome Donnie Trump look smart. Jesus, you are a fucktard.

myfoxmystere - January 16, 2018

Poor Pookie Toot Toot! You do know I didn’t write this post, right? Did Sebassh slap you around for trying to stink up his blog? Sebassh doesn’t tolerate turds especially like you.

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