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Is Joe Kennedy Suffering Rabies? JUST KIDDING! January 31, 2018

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Imagine if a well known conservative were making jokes about Joe Kennedy III suffering rabies.  Boy oh boy!  That would go viral and there’d be a price on his or her head.  OKAY, I’m pushing it a bit, so let me set the record straight:  NO!  Joey doesn’t have rabies!  That picture link is to a photo of a bad TV makeup job.  I’m sure someone will make a joke about Kennedy having rabies, but that’s politics.



Planned Parenthood Demonstration 2017 Orange California February 12, 2017

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This is a demonstration against Planned Parenthood in Orange California.  Orange is one of the cities in North Orange County California.  Conservative Pro Life groups organized this rally.  Notice that this rally is peaceful, not blocking any traffic, and respectful of others.  We cleaned up after ourselves, and remained civil when opponents tried to instigate trouble.  For the most part, people passing by honked in support of the rally.

Now, let me ask you liberal so called pro choice readers this question:  If your mother had chosen to abort you instead of giving you life, what are the things you would have missed out on?   I’m dead serious: what are the things you would have been cheated out of, had you been aborted instead of given the chance to make something out of your life?

Moonbat West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath: ‘Trump Not Welcomed’ in West Hollywood | KTTV/Breitbart April 15, 2016

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http:// http://www.breitbart.com/california/2016/04/12/west-hollywood-mayor-lindsey-horvath-citys-diverse-donald-trump-isnt-welcome/


Amanda Bynes Said What? July 9, 2013

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amanda bynesAmanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) tweeted at 7:51 AM on Mon, Jul 08, 2013:
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!

Boy oh boy, did she get the heat from moonbats for saying this. She also posted “What I posted on Twitter is not wrong.” I stand with her, in that she has the right to express her opinion, whether you agree with her or not. The thin skinned moonbats didn’t take too kindly to what she said.


Alert Alert Alert!!! June 26, 2012

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Alert Alert Alert!!!.

Bawnee Fwank Bumbles out a Trayvon Hoodie remark at Dartmouth Grad Ceremony. May 29, 2012

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Barney has laid a golden goose egg! Barney made this gem of a remark about hoodies and Trayvon Martin at a graduation ceremony, which went viral! Now the lib-nuts have gone into damage control overdrive with their infamous cry: HOLY SHISHKABOB! STOP THE EMBARASSMENT!! Bawney, keep up the great work!



Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl’s Jr. & Hardees? April 3, 2011

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The word is out! Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have brought out an under 500 calorie burger to the market. However, they have gotten some people upset with their ads. But, before I get into what’s happening, let me give you a link to some free food from Carl’s Jr. and Hardees:


If you haven’t noticed the ads yet, this is where the heat is on: They got Miss Turkey to do an ad for the new turkey burger. In the ad, Miss Turkey strips down to a bikini with the turkey burger imprinted on it. It turns out that Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic (Sorry folks, my computer doesn’t allow for a French curve under the c), happens to like Carl’s Jr. burgers; she said she grew up eating them.

Now, I came across a blog w
here a Turkish American said he was quite offended with the ad. I’ll admit Gizem is quite the looker here! She has become quite the sensation on television with that ad! Now I’m wondering if any Muslim Imam has become a big cry baby and issued a Fatwa against Carl’s Jr. and Hardees? Or have they enjoyed the ad so much that they’ve given a pass to them? If I were 1 of those nutjob Imams, I would probably still give a pass! Of course not all Imams are nutjobs, just the extremists!

Gizem, if you happen to come across this blog, I hope you enjoy the Turkey Burger!

No Fatwa from me!

(Originally posted on http://rattrappersmyfoxtrappings.blogspot.com)

Rattrapper’s My Fox Trappings: Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl’s Jr. & Hardees?.

Liberals Fire Juan Williams, Stage Hand at Obama Rally, and Other Big Blunders. October 24, 2010

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Originally published on MyFoxBoston.

This week has been a big fat blunder for left wing extremist liberals.  It seems that they keep setting themselves up for embarassment this past week.Laughing

First, let’s look at Nazi Poop Radio aka NPR and the flap they raised by firing Juan Williams for being honest about how he felt while being around garbed Muslims on a plane.  All Juan was saying is that he worries more when they display their Muslim beliefs over being patriotic or loyal to America.  Those clowns spewed their hatred for truth by firing Williams.  Williams is a liberal in many areas, yet the NPR goons will kick out one of their own, when he dares to be honest!  Well ha ha NPR…Juan got a great deal from Fox News for being honest:  a great paying contract from the private sector!

Now let’s look at blunder #2:  IATSE fires a stage hand for wearing a Bush Hat and Sweatshirt at an 0bama rally!  Now what’s going on?  Are these clowns paranoid, thinking someone conservative is spying on them?  This stage hand has a son who is serving on the USS George H.W. Bush, and he wore that hat and shirt to support his son!  Yes, his son is one of our soldiers, and the libturds apparently hate patriots who dare to wear anything that has the Bush name on it!  The donkeys have just opened themselves up for a discrimination lawsuit!  And to make it worse for the Democrats, it makes them look even more intolerant!  While Democratic liberals preach tolerance, they refuse to practice what they preach!

Oh, and when they wounded themselves earlier with the next thing I must report, the liberals keep blowing themselves up.  Now what’s #3?

Okay, here’s humiliating blunder number 3:  Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry’s Brown’s liberal thug lawyer Gloria Allred brings out a lawsuit against GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman from a housekeeper who allegedly is an illegal from Mexico.  While Allred tries to drop a bombshell in the California gubernatorial race to re-elect a failed past Democrat Governor, she does it at a time which arouses suspicion among many voters.  The case is full of holes, which show that Whitman could not legally fire the worker without risking being sued for illegally firing a worker, and it came at a time when Jerry was losing ground to Meg Whitman.  As the fiasco started playing out, someone in Brown’s camp exploded another political bomb, which is blunder #4.

Blunder Number 4 will be one of the most crude blunders of all time:  someone in Brown’s camp called Meg Whitman a WHORE!  Yes, I will dare print this out!  One of the lowest below the belt blows!  And did Brown sincerely apologize to Whitman for that?  NO HE DIDN’T!  This old bag has no manners, and lets his worker get away with it….the issue has not gone away on the West Coast, and it can backfire against the Liberal candidate.

Blunder #5:  Barney Frank keeps accepting bailout money from the banks he personally screwed up, then tries to hide that fact when Sean Bielat presents the proof in the campaigns.  Yes, your candidate for Congress keeps opening his flapper, and continues on telling bald faced lies to cover his carcass!

And to end this crazy list of blunders, I’ll give you all a 2 for one going on in California and Minnesota:  2 liberal candidates use profanity in their campaigns…another all time low:  In Minnesota, Democratic Congressional Candidate Taryll Clark uses the S-bomb in her attacks against Michelle Bachman, while in California, Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Bill Lockyer uses the same S-bomb in an attempt to paint himself as someone who tries to reach across the aisle, when in reality, he has repeatedly blocked votes, and created a huge mess.   Call this blunder number 6!

Just remember, if you don’t vote, it’s likely you just might not be happy with what comes your way!

Get out and vote!

Fatwa This: Sex In The City 2 June 19, 2010

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Recently, I came across James Hirshen’s “Left Coast Report” on Newsmax.com about the movie “Sex and the City 2.”  Apparently, the extreme Muslims are quite upset about this movie, so here is the report as written in Newsmax:

‘Sex and the City 2’ Accused of Disrespecting Islamic Culture

by James Hirshen

“Sex and the City 2” scored below box-office expectations following its opening last week. It came in second to yet another sequel, “Shrek Forever After.”

The film has been criticized for being impolite, insensitive, and disrespectful to the Middle Eastern culture.

The plot of “Sex and the City 2” takes place in Abu Dhabi, and the movie’s crude content caused the Islamic emirate to block production there. As a result, the sequel had to be shot in Morocco.

It was foreseeable that the wearing of revealing outfits by the four New York thrill seekers would produce the reaction it did in the Islamic nation.

However, a scene in which characters engage in public foreplay and another in which Samantha waves condoms and shouts out sex talk in a Middle East marketplace may explain why numerous critics have accused the film of “anti-Muslim” material.

There is also a defining scene where the girls are threatened by Arab males and subsequently saved by a group of Muslim women who proceed to strip off their burqas and reveal some skimpy clothing they were secretly hiding underneath.

The movie may be “blatantly anti-Muslim,” according to Stephen Farber of The Hollywood Reporter. But Farber also thinks it is “proudly feminist.”

One of the movie’s stars, Cynthia Nixon, apparently felt the need to defend the sequel.

She told the Hollywood Reporter, “Samantha is disrespectful, but Samantha is disrespectful in New York and she is disrespectful in the Middle East and she just really doesn’t care.”

(c) 2010 Newsmax.com

So FATWA this, jihadists!

Remembering Memorial Day! May 30, 2010

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Let us remember the veterans who fought to keep our freedoms intact, so that generations could choose how to live freely, and enjoy all the human dignity God has bestowed upon us!  Thank you all veterans for fighting to give us the gift of liberty!